About Orbital Audax

Orbital Audax is a cycling association set up to promote long distance riding. The wikipedia entry for Audax defines it as ‘a cycling sport in which participants attempt to cycle long distances within a pre-defined time limit. Audax is a non-competitive sport: success in an event is measured by its completion’. 


Orbital Audax is a long distance cycling association that arranges and promoted rides in the London area. Our rides include the 207 Km ‘A Catholic Education’, the London Orbital 310km event and the iconic London Wales London 407km ride. If you’ve enjoyed riding longer sportives like Ride London or the Fred Whitton and are interested in a fresh challenge, these rides might be of interest. Riding a long-distance cycle event brings a different type of achievement along with an ethos of support, endurance and camaraderie. 

Orbital Audax serves to both develop and promote long distance cycling events that share our values and ethos and riding an Orbital Audax event is all about riding with like-minded people. You’ll make friends on the road and encourage each other to keep moving. It’s not about speed, the only person you beat is yourself.